Never have I heard the words pandemic and unprecedented more frequently than now in these times with the presence of Covid-19.  They can be frightening terms, and the news media can tend to sensationalise what is happening.  Nowadays with social media, we need to be very mindful of where we get our information and be even more vigilant about accurate information.  So where can we go?


New Zealand’s Ministry of Health

For good updates on our local situation.

 Ministry of Health


World Health Organisation

For good information on the global situation.



Child Mind Institute

For good tips on talking with children about coronavirus and parenting while in isolation.

  Child Mind Institute


My clinics

I am following all recommendations for health and hygiene measures in each of the clinic settings. 


If you are sick or wish to have a remote consultation, I continue to do zoom reviews (videoconferencing), and I am offering them more widely and at more flexible times.  These are easy to set up if you have a working internet and e-mail address.


Be in touch to arrange   It helps to have your child’s full name so I can easily find your details.



Keep well and stay connected, social distancing does not mean isolation.